How To Turn A Laptop Into A Gaming Laptop 2024?

How To Turn A Laptop Into A Gaming Laptop
How To Turn A Laptop Into A Gaming Laptop 2023?

How To Turn A Laptop Into A Gaming Laptop 2023?

Do you want to play the latest games on a Laptop, but feel the pinch when thinking about high-end gaming laptops to meet your needs? In fact, there is no need to buy a premium laptop for gaming. You can simply upgrade the hardware of your existing laptop, and adjust it to be fitter and play games that you like. Here are some ways that can help improve the performance of your laptop and turn it into a gaming laptop. Learn more about how to turn a laptop into a gaming laptop in 2023.

Clean It

Over time, your laptop accumulates dust, dirt, grime, and more. You have to get rid of these, which is not very easy to do – looking at that opening, the seal of your laptop will void the warranty. But you can opt for some special cleaning methods. Use these to ensure that no food particles, dust, etc. are trapped between the keys. To display the graphics properly, clean the screen thoroughly, and gently.

Update Your Laptop Drivers

The hardware and architecture of Windows, Linux, and Mac are more or less the same. It is necessary for you to keep device drivers completely up to date. This is usually a straightforward process. You may have to be more handsome to update graphic drivers. Make sure the GPU management software in your laptop is set to automatically update. In addition, make sure that your audio and controller drivers are also updated to the latest version. Read more about How To Turn A Laptop Into A Gaming Laptop?

The Latest DirectX Version Is Installed

The DirectX diagnostic tool is a set of software tools that feature video game graphics. DirectX is important for Windows gaming. Over the years, various versions of DirectX have been released. The latest version is DirectX 12, released in 2015, and you can find these pre-installed on your laptop on Windows 10 OS.

In addition to ensuring up-to-date graphic drivers, you must also ensure that your audio drivers are suitable for gaming. In the DXDiag Sound tab, you can see the status of the drivers. With DXDiag, you can easily detect that a driver is missing in your hardware related to gaming. If you have doubts, update your device drivers manually or update Windows.

Overclock GPU

For beginners, it can be a bit risky. This is because your laptop uses more power and the GPU also heats up. You should adjust your PC’s power settings appropriately. MSI Afterburner – Ideal for AMD and Nvidia graphics cards, it is the most popular GPU overclocking tool.

With overclocking, you will have some amazing results. However, you want to try and do it with some caution.

Adjust Your Computer’s Power Settings

Without proper power management, you cannot improve the performance of your laptop – as much as has been extended to allow gaming. Windows has some extensive options for power management, but to enjoy a better gaming experience, you’ll need to connect your laptop to a source of power.

After this is complete, you will need to check your PC’s power settings. You can choose the high-performance option in the standby power settings of your Windows 10 settings area. If you have never adjusted anything before, you would also do well to change the advanced power settings in the Change Plan Settings area. When you want to get the best gaming performance from your laptop, you will not like to have optimal power settings.

Activate Game Mode On Windows 10

Enable Windows 10 game mode, and you may get a further boost in gaming performance. Windows 10 has an Xbox app, with strong features such as game mode, streaming, and screen recording.

To get the Xbox panel, you have to press the Win + G check, yes, it is a game box, on which you are prompted. You can get the game mode button located on the right side of the game bar. Click and activate mode game mode. After enabling it, check that the game has gone through the best settings with the OS. To do this some background tasks can be suspended or stopped by Windows. Read more about How To Turn A Laptop Into A Gaming Laptop?

Get More FPS By Closing Background Apps

Before launching the game, you need to make manual changes to the laptop. Before clicking Clicking Play in Steam, you must close all apps. After doing this, check the system tray. In Windows in this taskbar section, you can find all the apps that work in the background. Right-click each icon and click Close. You may want to keep an open discount or voice chat tool or your graphics card management app.

Check Internet Network Speed

For optimized online gaming performance, the speed of your internet connection is what you need to consider. With online gaming, lag is usually the problem area. This can be caused by issues with your internet connection, and often – the problem is a slow connection between your external and laptop.

In many cases, you can use your wireless network card Want to be at the forefront of any updates within the system downloaded by Windows Update or your OS?

Manage Automatic Updates

Automatic updates can be very difficult to deal with. For example, the update can be downloaded by Windows Update in the backdrop, before you are periodically reminded that the update has to be installed. Uninstalled updates can significantly reduce the impact performance, and can also be done by reminder notifications.

When you cannot permanently disable Windows Update, you can keep your PC offline and install the update correctly after being prompted to do so.

Hardware Upgrade

Upgrading your PC hardware can improve gaming performance. This is one of the most important and easiest things to do, however, you need to spend a lot depending on what kind of improvements are planned for that system. Therefore, this topic concludes how to turn laptops into gaming laptops in 2023.